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 Text from the Friends of the Royal Parks newsletter

Movement Strategy for The Parks

This is the first stage of a consultation process about future plans for a “Movement Strategy” to be implemented.  It does not take long and is an important chance for you to say what you think.
In both our Parks there are issues over cyclists using footpaths and grass.  Also, there is a noticeable underuse of the Cycle Superhighway along South Carriage Drive in favour of using Rotten Row which, with pedestrians using it as well, gets very congested particularly at the East end. 
We are concerned about the superfluity of cycle hire stations which, in Kensington Gardens, are mostly located in places where no cycling is allowed!
These are only reminders.  Basically, we want all users of The Parks, primarily those on foot, to be able to feel safe and relax. You are free to say whatever you wish and do forward to anyone who has an interest in this issue.
Best wishes and thank you all,
Sue Price

Dear Members of Hyde Park & Kensington Gardens,

I'm writing to tell you about the development of our Movement Strategy. It's our long term vision for how people will move within, access and experience our parks.

Among the things we want to do is increase safety for park users and reduce the impact of vehicles in the parks.

We want to know what you think - your input will help us shape the strategy.
Please review our discussion paper on the Movement Strategy webpage.

To provide your input please complete the survey before 14 July 2019 or write to us at

Please also feel free to share this among your friends, family and other networks.

Kind regards,
Mat Bonomi, Head of Transport & Access