Articles and Press


This page has links to a number of articles in local and national press which are relevant to the Newcombe House development plan and other local issues

Evening Standard article Notting Hill development taken out of Mayor's hands amid war of words (May 29th, 2019)

Notting Hill residents Furious At Plans For New Tfl Cycle Route: ‘They want to chop down our trees’ (May 31st, 2019)

Article in the FT outlining the fall in demand (and prices) for new build properties in London - undermining the viability plans for the total rebuilding of Newcombe House (February 20th 2019) :

Evening Standard article about the Mayor’s decision to approve the redevelopment of Newcombe House. The article quotes our Treasurer, Sam Dunkley (September 19th, 2018):

Blog post from THis Is North Kensington (THINK), ahead of Mayor Khan’s decision. HVRA is quoted (September 18th, 2018):

Highlighting developer-friendly planning processes (April 18th):

Letter to The Evening Standard by Sam Dunkley, one of our Committee Members  (23rd April 2018).  Scroll down the page to see the letters:

Construction press article stating that over 500 tall towers are in the planning pipeline for London.  This was widely picked up in the national press (April 18th):

Major issues with the Earl's Court development  (April 18th):

The Times commenting on the proposed Newcombe House development (April 18th): 

Review of the King's Cross developments by the Guardian's architecture critic (Feb 2018):

The Standard commenting on the Newcombe House controversy (Jan 2018):

The piece by Simon Jenkins in the Standard mentioning Newcombe House (Oct 2017):