Articles and Press


This page has links to a number of articles in local and national press which are relevant to the Newcombe House development plan


Highlighting developer-friendly planning processes (April 18):

Letter to the Evening Standard by Sam Dunkley, one of our Committee Members  (23rd April 2018).  Scroll down the page to see the letters:

Construction press article stating that over 500 tall towers are in the planning pipeline for London.  This was widely picked up in the national press (April 18):

Major issues with the Earl's Court development  (April 18):

The Times commenting on the proposed Newcombe House development (April 18): 

Review of the King's Cross developments by the Guardian's architecture critic (Feb 2018):

The Standard commenting on the Newcombe House controversy (Jan 2018):

The piece by Simon Jenkins in the Standard mentioning Newcombe House (Oct 2017):